Beginning Satuday, October 10th, Galleri Golsa will present Leaves of Grass an exhibition of new work by Swiss artist Yves Scherer, featuring ready-made photographs, sculptures, and a group of paintings which marks a major step in his oeuvre. Taking as a title the notorious book of Walt Whitman that developed a language to speak about the then-new country USA, the exhibition is a reflection on identity constructs and a musing on the idea of “home” as the place we are from as much as it’s also where one feels to belong at any given time. Large scale oil painting feature a mix of Swiss landscape scenes that reference historical painters such as Hans Emmenegger and Cuno Amiet from Scherer’s hometown with the visual language of post war American Abstraction.

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Charlie Roberts

Mood Swings

15/11/2020 — 15/12/2020

Golsa | Exhibition: Leaves of Grass

Yves Scherer

Leaves of Grass

10/10/2020 — 18/12/2020


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Linn Pedersen

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20/02/2021 — 21/03/2021


Golsa | Exhibition: Solo exhibition

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Solo exhibition

16/01/2021 — 14/02/2021


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