adriana martinez

B. 1998 Bogota, Colombia

Lives and works in Bogota, Colombia

The core of Adriana Martinez practice relates to the context and issues that she is exposed to and her interest in a growing and shared experimentation of the everyday. Her work enables herself to understand and negotiate the reality and politics that surrounds her, by looking for symbolic ways to react and represent them. She approaches different conditions such as global economy, trade and information. 

Her process often involves writing instead of sketching, traditional techniques and finding a signature visual style is not fundamental for her practice. The plastic properties that are most frequent in her work are repetition, hoarding, annulment, insertion and the hyperbole. She uses iconography and popular symbols to comment and track the global proliferation of those very images. These elements become the essence of which she appropriate and revolt to, through a process of resinifying, relocating and reformulating; a personal translation of an individual experience of a common language.