Audar Kantun

b. 1986, Bodø, Norway

Lives and works in Oslo, Norway

Kantun works within a figurative idiom, often with clear colors and shapes that fill the canvas. In Kantun's works, the narrative is central. The motifs show decadent figures, with animal traits. In a cheerful and energetic way, he creates absurd situations, played by people who seem to be unable to limit themselves. We are witnessing a kind of moral decay that exists outside of time, but within very specific spaces. Kantun, introduced his new national romantic painting in 2017 at the artist-run gallery Destiny's Atelier, where he tickles life in the countryside, with representations of peasants, fishermen and the everyday country life. By revising the national romantic feelings of the 19th century, Kantun creates his own universe with dark humor and fun-loving motives.

Kantun has a Ba in photography from the National Academy of Arts in Bergen (2008-2011) and a MA from the Art Academy in Oslo (2014-2016). Recent exhibitions include: Olje og Begjær, Blomquist, Oslo (2019), Sol Kunstig Sol, Tag Team Studio, Bergen (2018), Hverdagskost, Galleri Golsa, Oslo (2018), Blant storbønder, fiskere og vagabonds, Destiny´s Atelier (2017), Å Lage Utstillinger, Kantun Nedberg & Carl Mannov, Kraft, Bergen (2016).