johanne hestvold

B. 1988 in Norway

Works and lives in Oslo, Norway

Johanne Hestvold’s sculptures raises issues related to the limits between re- presentation and abstraction. Her sculptural expression can be understood as a further development of the minimalistic tradition in art history. Her work becomes collages of visual information compressed into minimalistic obje- cts, pointing in different directions. Finding their model in ordinary, everyday objects, the sculptures tell stories of recognition and confusion.

Hestvold (b. 1988) has an MA from Malmö Art Academy, and has a BA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Hestvold studied sculpture through the sculpture department at Kuvataideakademia Helsinki, Finland, and have an education background in Literature studies at the University in Bergen, Norway. 

Selected solo- and group exhibitions include: To make the stone stony, Galleri Golsa, Oslo. Disse koppene har ikke mistet sjelen, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo. Eyeye, Cinnamon, Rotterdam. Museet/The Museum/فحتملا, Malmö Konstmuseum. NN-A NN-A NN-A and Sol og Vår i januar, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo.