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Urara Tsuchiya practice explores the disconcertion that can be found between the personal and social worlds. Her work includes ceramics, performances and videos. Her performances often incorporates costumes, installations, poetry, sound and home cooking. These function as props in an alternate environment that make space for different behavior. She works with the boundaries of, for example, animal/human and adult/baby to strange and humorous effect. She is interested in challenging the viewer to negotiate his or her own personal and physical boundaries. Best known for her hand-painted ceramic bowls with explicit motifs, Urara also explores more complex and surrealistic ceramic sculptures. The sculptures present realistic objects such as suitcases, underwear or toothbrushes, but with an explicit scenario such as a lamp that looks like a three with animals and naked humans climbing on it or a sauna with humans in sexual and intimate positions.
Tsuchiya (b. 1979, Japan) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. She did an MFA at Glasgow School of Art and studied fine Art at Goldsmiths University, London. Previous exhibitions includes a solo presentation at Frieze, London (2019), Glasgow International (2018), Trade Gallery (2017) and Union Pacific (2016). Selected upcoming exhibitions is among Ada Projects in Rome, Glasgow International and a group show at Vestfossen Kunstlaberatorium in Norway.


  • BA Fine Art Goldsmiths University, London MFA at Glasgow School of Art

  • Glasgow Intrnational, Glasgow, GB-SCT (Upcoming)
  • Ada Project, Rome, IT (Upcoming)
  • Warm Drizzle, Galleri Golsa, Oslo, NO
  • Digestive Disaster, Lycky star, Stems Gallery, Bruxelles, BE

  • Frieze London, Solo presentation, London, UK

  • Liste Art Fair in Basel, solo presentation, Basel, CH
  • Girls Club, Glasgow International, Glasgow, GB-SCT
  • Hotel Contemporary, Green Park, London, UK
  • If you can‘t stand the heat, Roaming Projects

  • LIT, Group show at Union Pacific, London, UK
  • Queer Art(ists) Now Presented by And What? Queer Arts Festival and Pilot PressComisisoned performance DRAF, London, UK
  • TRADE gallery, Nottingham, UK
  • Kevin Space, Vienna, AUS

  • Room Service, Union Pacific, London, UK
  • Chataux Double Wide, collaboration with Zoe Williams, GI festival, Glasgow, GB-SCT

  • You have been selected, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Neo-pagan Witch Bitch, curated by France-lise and Lucy Stein, Evelyn Yard, London Eternal Bronzer, The Penarth Centre, London, UK
  • Atlantis Dinner with Paul Kindersley, Lotus land, Cambridge

  • Chew Crew, Transition Gallery, London, England


Golsa | Exhibition: Warm Drizzle

Urara Tsuchiya

Warm Drizzle

16/01/2020 — 16/02/2020

Golsa | Exhibition: Chart: De-centered

Urara Tsuchiya

Chart: De-centered

28/08/2020 — 30/08/2020