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We are happy to announce our new group exhibition "PLUSS 1".
Effected by an uncertain spring, we wanted to open our doors again by celebrating the artists represented at the gallery. Each artists was asked to bring a "plus one" to the exhibition, by inviting an artist they admire.
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We asked our represented artists who their plus one is:
Linn Pedersen + Thora Dolven Balke
I chose to invite Thora Dolven Balke, who is both a close friend and colleague in craft. We have collaborated on several projects in the past, including when we jointly curated LIAF in 2011. The last time I met Thora, she gave me a work that now hangs on my wall at home. This work, O (Blue), is a cast of a face on a fountain in the garden of the Museu do Açude in Rio De Janeiro and is part of a series of other similar casts. When asked to invite another artist to the Golsa exhibition, the insistent look of O (Blue) on the wall made the choice obvious to me. I adore this strange work and am delighted to be able to show my work with two of O (Blue) twins and two of Thora's beautiful and distinctive photographs.
Johanne Hestvold + Tor-Finn Malum Fitje
I’ve invited Tor-Finn Malum Fitje and Thomas Anthony Hill who deals with construction of meaning and internet culture in enticing video works. Science, mythology, found and self made material is woven together to create speculative stories with lots of humor and seriousness. The Faitheist Church which is shown at Golsa is part of the satirical video installation Ad Nauseam, which describes a world without doubt.
Charlie Roberts + Victoria Duffee
I have asked my wife Victoria Duffee whose material assemblages, weavings and paintings brim with mystery and always enchant me.
Erlend Grytbakk Wold + Pia Léon Eikaas
She is a flâneuse, strolling around town with an open and curious approach to her surroundings. She has a knack for pointing out the temporary aspects of life in the city. I find her works to be intimate and often seen in relation to the body, they are deeply humane without being anthropocentric. It is a deeply inspiring and generous approach, one that I hope the rest of us can learn from.
Audar Kantun + Amir Amadeus Asgharnejad
What is real?
Ever since I got to know Amir some 13- 14 years ago I have had the great privilege of frequently being flabbergasted by his thoughts and ideas through the wide range of expressions, mediums and techniques that he masters and possesses. Whether I see a painting or a drawing of his, a performance, or maybe him singing in a band. Interviewed in the news after being harassed by the border police in Azerbaijan for dancingin the streets. Doing stand-up on a stage, playing a character in a tv-show or in a Hollywood production. Or world famous through worldstarhiphop for being beaten up in the streets, I ́m usually left with ambivalence. Heartbroken and joyful at the same time. The joy often feeling somehow unacceptable, borrowed or even forbidden. Experiencing Amir ́s output, at its best, reminds me of listening to a well written, personal and generous speech. It welcomes the spectator with warmth, humour and joy before flipping the switch at the perfect point, cutting it straight down to the bone. Never afraid of confrontations. Sometimes makes me wonder if it was written in advance or if it just appeared through him. Like listening to a piece of free-jazz or experimental music that is too good and right for being improvised and at the same time too unconventional and playfull for being written and rehearsed. Word on the streets has it Amir picked up his brushes and beret and started painting again and I want to see it!
Amir is real!
The videowork underneath is included in the show and can be viewed in its full length on our website during the time of the exhibition.
Tor-Finn Malum Fitje / Thomas Anthony Hill - Ad Nauseam: The Faitheist Church, 2019