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Text by Bjarne Melgaard
What more to say about things when I know you call me at five in the morning and can't move in your bed and I really don't mind being awaken so early from you. I am waiting for another phone call from you and I can hear in your voice that you are much clearer and more aware than before. I love our talks, especially at night. We always had long conversations in the night about all kinds of stuff for many years and still need them. I need you and you can't leave me because of this accident that has no apparent connection with sexuality but which is assumed to be motivated by the force of the sexual instinct.
After you were found lying paralyzed and unconscious in the living room, he knew that this condition was caused by a way to explain it as just high blood pressure but I cannot wonder of the last 20 years of hell you endured also was in a way the only logical outcome of a situation that was just getting worse and worse. Why did you let it go on for so long? My love for you is endless, but I still ask myself those questions before our daily phone calls every day. And true friendship also means that you need to be there for your friend too, that you also have to sacrifice things and let things you maybe wanna do left undone. But friendship is not a compromise, its something you do for the other person because you love them so much you also can live easy with a friend’s less good sides. Nobody is perfect, but in a friendship you have to really set aside your contempt and fear for your friend to stay loyal and dignified.