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  1. April 1986, Tsjernobyl, a test of one of the reactors spins out of control, Pripjat is evacuated, the residents are told that it’s only temporary, therefore no need to bring their belongings.

They still haven’t returned.
Catastrophe was predicted for the flora and fauna.
For a period after the accident multiple mutations was observed.
Future prospects were grim.
30 years later, the wildlife has taken it’s hold in the exclusion zone.
But we don’t know the long term implications of the radiation.
You can not predict the long term effects of a calamity, regardless of how all consuming and total it may be when it occurs.
I look at my friends differently now.
I am less scared about voicing my concerns on their behalf, should they occur.
A small stroll in the evening, or a chat over coffee is stored with more tenacity in the brain.
A wish to make a more complete mental picture of their philosophies.
We have our memories, which are our private narratives until we share them.
Most of us still produce for our self.
For those of us that can not, we do it for them.
Those of us who have know each other for a long time.