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Through emotive decisions found inside the painting’s brush strokes, the colors are systematically representative of how the sun distributes and produces enzymes to the unique and complexly occurring natural desert plant-life. Chemical properties, transferences of photosynthesising are scheduled by shape and color. Do these hues have mathematical significance or are they made to represent the south western hemisphere as a region of the wild?
Think about the energy of the sun, and how much of it that goes unnoticed, and is enveloped. These are simple notions. True ideas, reflective of our precious world, yet then transferred from the artist onto canvas. Hues shift into purple and into orange and into green all over the notion that plants and wildlife are the best compass, one organism feeding the rest, one molecule of sunny light at a time, and the only thermometer of uniqueness and of natural guiding light that societies can visibly depend upon. Bringing new subjects to a living in all of they’re sparseness of color, breathable form of light and of innate fiction, we present the western rendition of deserted lands, troves of sunbed, industrial void versus form and matter.